Wound Care Certification

Earn Your Wound Care Certification

Wound care is a vital part of today’s healthcare offerings. Earning a wound care certification can go a long way to helping you earn CEUs for your continuing education. Whether you are working toward becoming a wound care specialist for a skilled nursing facility or you are in a private practice, our certification course is a vital first step in providing this level of care.

Our wound care certification is approved nationwide by the Board of Registered Nursing as well as the Board of Vocational/Practical Nursing. You can rely on the credentials you earn in our course in all fifty states. No matter where you are practicing, our wound care certificate can help bolster your career and give you the resources you need to continue your success.

Our certification courses are provided to Registered Nurses as well as Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurses. When you complete our certification course, you will be ready to become a wound care specialist for a skilled nursing facility in a variety of settings. This certification is nationally recognized and can open up new pathways for you in both your career in your professional life.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive 30 CEUs, a digital certificate, and a physical ID card. In order to complete this course, you must score 70 percent or better during your final exam. Exams are conducted after courses and you will be well prepared to successfully complete this certificate course.

Wound care is becoming an increasingly vital part of nursing. As the population in nursing homes increases, wound care is expected to increase with it. There is a growing demand for professionals who can offer wound care services and earning your wound care certification is your first step towards completing this education.

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