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Wound Care Services for Skilled Nursing Home Facilities

Are You Looking For The Best Wound Care Company That Can Deliver Expert Bedside Surgical Wound & Skin Care at Your Skilled Nursing Facility?

SNF wound care offers nursing facilities nationwide with a local wound doctor who rounds weekly, providing bedside surgical wound debridement and skin care. We aim to provide leading wound care services for the people who need them most.

SNF wound care offers a wide range of services including bedside surgical wounds care with debridement for of all types of wounds, dermatological services, gastrostomy, or G-tube replacement at the bedside with contrast confirmation. No matter what your needs are, we can help your residents get the care that they need.

We supply weekly rounding and weekend urgent coverage that fits your resident's needs. Our main goal is to promote their healing and prevent readmissions and patient bounce-backs. We can take care of your resident’s G-Tube (gastrostomy tube) and Suprapubic needs in addition to our bedside wound care.

Our bedside services include debridements, abscess drainage, wound vac application, and management to help ensure that your patients recover quickly. We also perform Doppler studies to evaluate blood flow as well as to conduct burn evaluations and biopsies and provide your team with all of the information they need to continue treatment.

All of our services include documentation available within 24 hours of treatment. We understand that perfected documentation is the key. That’s why we take pride in the thorough nature of our documentation as well as their speedy delivery. We also strive on documenting non-compliance if it plays a role. All our notes are reviewed by our internal nurses to make sure wounds are not declining. 

We treat all of our patients with the same level of care regardless of the type or level of insurance they have. We strive to minimize costs by only hiring the best wound care providers and constantly working to make our treatments more efficient.

At SNF wound care, we also offer wound care certification online classes. Our wound certification is a comprehensive online wound care educational platform designed to prepare health care professionals to perform at the highest level of care in all settings, including skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, home health, hospice, and clinics, and is recognized and approved Nationwide by the Board of Registered Nursing & the Board of Vocational/Practical Nursing meeting nursing license renewal of 30 CEUs Nationwide. 

To learn more about our wound care company or our wound care certification, contact us today,

833. Dr. Wound.

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