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Wound Nurse Certification 

Get Your Wound Nurse Certification at SNF Wound Care

CEU or Continued Education Units for License renewal is right around the corner and you need to make sure that you’ve earned enough Continuing Education credits to renew your nursing license. Our services include Wound Care Certification and/or a Wound Care Management course worth 30 CEUs for license renewal.

Whether you’re a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse in any state, we have the resources you need to continue your education, grow your career, renew your nursing license and get you wound care certified.

Our wound care certification is recognized nationwide by both the Board of Registered Nursing and the Board of Vocational/Practical Nursing. As long as your license is in good standing, you can rely on our courses to work towards your license renewal, so that you can start work at any wound care nursing facility. Scope of practice is dependent on your license and state. 

Our Wound Care Certification course is in high demand. These are the skills that are going to shape the future of healthcare. You can bolster your career today by incorporating this education into your practice.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can obtain your wound care certification, so that you can apply at a wound care nursing facility. We can't wait to help you continue your education as a health care provider.

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